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Order a 1-hour consultation with Michaël van de Poppe or one of our Team Members to discuss the following topics:

Technical Analysis

Michaël van de Poppe and our team has extensive experience with Technical Analysis. During a call you can discuss which indicators we use, what we are looking at when we want to start a trade, how to filter out good charts from bad charts.

Fundamental Analysis

Besides Technical Analysis, we also have team members that are heavily focused on Fundamental Analysis. Ask us what to look at when reviewing a project for investment purposes.

Macroeconomics – Market sentiment

An important part of trading and investing is knowing what the markets are up to. Macro economic events move the markets more so than any other events. How to adapt in the current market sentiment when everything is booming or when everything is crashing? Which markets are interesting given the current macroeconomic view? All questions up for debate in the consultancy. 

Portfolio management

The most important skill is to manage your portfolio once you start trading and investing. The majority of the investors put all their money in one altcoin or asset, through which they want to become a millionaire utterly fast or go bust. There’s different guidelines for portfolio management, which can be discussed in a consultancy session. 

Risk management

The most important part of trading and investing is Risk Management. Often people decide to trade with an amount that’s too high and without a plan. People decide to buy a certain asset with the expectation of making a certain amount of money, but these people forget to think of several scenarios that could occur with the markets. Several risk management tools are essential to start with in trading and investing, which can be discussed in a consultancy session. 

Trading/Investment strategies

Which investment and trading strategy suits you best, given your own risk appetite and goals that you’d want to achieve in trading and investing? Many questions people don’t think about, but trading and investing are long term plans. The team of BonSancaGroup also have a plan before they start trading and investing and can assist you in determining a similar plan.

Discussing previous trading performance/activity 

We all have felt the pain of losing money with a trade, it is important to review what you’ve done in your previous trades, to learn from possible mistakes. The majority of the mistakes are made in the beginning, through which navigating through that part can erase the majority of the mistakes. But also, often people are making mistakes without realizing it. The team can review those mistakes in a session. 

Making a trading plan. 

Decided that you’d want to go day or swingtrading in an active manner? You’ll have to make a trading plan. WIthout a plan you can’t manage risk nor could you ever grow your portfolio. Have a chat with our team members to discuss what is important to you and how to work out your own trading plan. 

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